Children’s Therapy

Developmental Evaluation: Assessment of Cognitive, Speech and Language, Fine and Gross Motor, Social and Emotional Developmental Areas.

Mental Health and Behavioral Evaluations: Assessment of Social-Emotional Development, Communication Development and Age-Appropriate Behavior in-home and school.

Behavior Modification Therapy using play therapy: Providing parenting and behavioral interventions focusing on targeted problematic behavior.

Self Esteem Issues: Focusing on empowering children to gain a better sense of self and improve their self-esteem through age-appropriate interventions.  For example,  with younger children using play therapy and with older children using activity based interventions.

Adolescents’ Issues: Focusing on the challenges by understanding the issues teens face and what they need to survive and thrive. Areas of focus include issues such as identity development, puberty, depression, social-standing, independence, health-safety, sex issues, school.

Divorce and Separation Issues: Focusing on the changes a child is going through in his/her personal, social and family life. Empowering the child to deal with the changes through therapeutic interventions, and play therapy.

Providing developmental intervention through play therapy on Developmental Issues such as Autism, Down’s syndrome, Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), Hypotonia, etc