Family Therapy

Family Assessments: Assessment provides the foundation for assisting children, youth, and families at a number of critical points, including: When families are presented with new challenges.Comprehensive family assessment is guided by principles of family-centered, culturally competent practice.

Family Therapy using System’s Approach: The goal of Systems Therapy is for a group to gain insight into each member’s role as it relates to the healthy functionality of the whole.  The technique relies on identifying specific behavior patterns and how each member responds to anxiety within the dynamic. By doing this, the participants can begin to understand and transform their patterns to more adaptive, productive behaviors.

Parenting Coaching: Assessing parenting styles to gain an in-depth understanding of one own’s parenting style and the changes it requires to attain a healthier approach that impacts child development. Coaching focuses on parents to understand areas such as age-appropriate developmental milestones and expectations, routine, structure, and positive discipline in order to raise their children in an healthier environment.